EU Watchdog Accuses Facebook, Google of Privacy Shenanigans

Hits: 54 Facebook and Google have manipulated users into sharing data using so-called “dark patterns,” such as misleading wording and confusing interfaces, according to a report the Norwegian Consumer Council released Wednesday. The practices nudged users toward accepting privacy options that favored the tech companies rather than themselves, the NCC found. Facebook and Google have […]


The New Microscopes for Kids

Hits: 21We stuck live tardigrades (also called water bears) under six inexpensive microscopes: three digital microscopes and three traditional optical scopes. We wanted to see what the teensy beasties — they grow no larger than 1 millimeter, or about the thickness of a credit card — would look like through the lenses of these off-the-shelf […]


First NHS-funded internet addiction centre

Hits: 133A hospital in the UK is to be the first to set up an NHS-funded internet addiction centre. The west London centre will start in the next couple of weeks and be aimed at people with gaming disorders. Other internet-based addictions could be treated in future, however. Psychiatrist and clinic founder Henrietta Bowden-Jones said […]