Kato Lubwama Biography, Wikipedia Profile, Age, Family, Cause of Death
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Kato Lubwama Biography, Wikipedia Profile, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Biography/Wikipedia Profile:

Kato Lubwama Paul, born on September 16, 1970, became a renowned actor, comic, musician, and politician from Uganda. He received recognition for his comedic and performing talents in Uganda’s amusement industry before venturing into politics.

Born in Kampala, Uganda, Kato Lubwama started his profession inside the leisure enterprise, showcasing his comedic talent in severa degree plays, television shows, and movies. His funny performances and capacity to connect to audiences via wit and humor earned him enormous recognition.

Lubwama additionally served as the host of the morning show “Kalisoliso” on CBS FM, a radio station owned by means of the Buganda nation, for over 20 years. This position, alongside fellow comedian and theater actor Abey Mukiibi, further increased his recognition in Uganda’s theater appearing industry.

He collaborated with esteemed theater actors along with Ndagire Mariam, John Segawa, James Ssenkubuge, and Abey Mukiibi in writing, appearing, and directing diverse theater performs and shows, or even some tv productions.

In addition to his acting and comedy pursuits, Kato Lubwama additionally dabbled in tune and songwriting. while on the whole developing tune for theater performs and performances, a number of his songs, which include “financial institution Y, ebyamabyo,” received nearby airplay in Uganda.

Education Background:

Kato Lubwama finished his primary training at Nabagereka number one school in 1993. In 1988, Lubwama sat for his Uganda certificates of training (UCE) at vintage Kampala Secondary faculty. He obtained his special college access exam certificates from Makerere university Kampala in 1991-1992. subsequently, in 1994, Lubwama earned a degree in song, Dance, and Drama from the identical institution.


At some point of his career, Kato Lubwama has held various roles. because 2010, he has been the Director of Royal Theater, showcasing his talent as a drama actor. Lubwama is also the Director of Diamonds Ensemble for the reason that 1994 and the Director of photo Africa because 1999. In 2016, he became a Member of Parliament, representing the Rubaga South Constituency. besides his artistic pursuits, Lubwama is a businessman concerned in maize flour and different ventures. He serves as the director of B24TV in Uganda.

Political career:

Kato Lubwama’s political adventure has been accompanied by using controversy. for the duration of his first time period as the Rubaga South Member of Parliament, he infamously made a announcement suggesting non-public gain. unfortunately, Lubwama did no longer cozy a second term in the 2021 popular elections. He had contested as an impartial candidate after leaving the Democratic celebration (DP) because of alleged corruption in the party. however, Lubwama stays obsessed with DP and is part of a pressure organization called “Solida,” aiming to repair the party’s former glory.

in advance, there have been felony challenges to Lubwama’s educational qualifications. no matter these controversies, Lubwama keeps to pursue his artistic and political endeavors.

Musical Achievements and step forward
As a musician, Kato Lubwama has released numerous songs carrying messages and social observation. a number of his great songs encompass “Tulye,” “Tetunakuta,” “financial institution Yebyama,” “Abantu Bazibu,” “Akanaku,” and “Dimitinya.” His musical expertise enhances his contributions to the amusement enterprise.

Hobbies and Special Interests:

Other than his professional engagements, Lubwama has a ardour for drama, track, and football. he’s taking a keen interest in pest eradication and manage via fumigation. Lubwama actively entails himself in infant welfare and homecare initiatives, in particular in Busega, Ndeeba, and Kabawo. he’s affiliated with the Federation of acting Artistes of Uganda and serves on the Committee of protection and inner Affairs.


Kato Lubwama is fortunately married to Ann Namuwonge, and they have six kids. it is worth noting that Lubwama additionally has youngsters from preceding relationships.

Kato Lubwama Net worth:

Worth: 1 million $

Cause Of Death:

On June 8, 2023, Kato surpassed away due to a coronary heart attack. He had experienced several fitness headaches in the beyond and had frequently traveled overseas for higher hospital treatment. Kato became laid to rest on June 14th in Nkozi.

Often asked Questions:

Q: What are Kato Lubwama’s splendid songs?
A: a number of Kato Lubwama’s outstanding songs consist of “Tulye,” “Tetunakuta,” “financial institution Yebyama,” “Abantu Bazibu,” “Akanaku,” and “Dimitinya.”

Q: What roles has Kato Lubwama held in his profession?
A: Kato Lubwama has been a drama actor, musician, songwriter, comic, former radio presenter, businessman, and baby-kisser.

Q: What controversies surround Kato Lubwama?
A: Kato Lubwama has confronted controversies related to his political statements and legal challenges to his academic qualifications.

Q: what is Kato Lubwama’s legacy?
A: Kato Lubwama’s legacy lies in his versatility and contributions to the fields of politics, drama, music, and enterprise in Uganda.

Q: what number of youngsters does Kato Lubwama have?
A: Kato Lubwama is married to Ann Namuwonge, and that they have six children.

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