FoskaayAYEP Season 1: How To Get N100,000 To Kick Start Your Idea or Expand Biz on Foskaay

Foskaay has announced the launch of FoskaayAYEP season 1 to financially empower African youths to birth their viable ideas and also support existing businesses to acquire new tech tools to enhance their productivity.

This maiden edition is out to select the best viable idea or business of foskaay forum members. It will go through rounds of voting from the members and the wining idea or business expansion request will win One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000).

Click here now to get started, if you are interested.

Who is Foskaay?

Foskaay is a distinct African focused 100% free to use forum built to empower African youths to earn online legitimately. Some of the focus area of the platform are;

1) Share ads earning with African youths (Active members earn weekly up to N10,000 cash+ airtime via ongoing 25Weeks of Cash and Cards Giveaway)

foskaay giveaways cash free airtime nigeria

2) Sponsor viable ideas/biz voted for by Foskaay members under FoskaayAYEP

3) Support members that run NGO across Africa to reach the less privileged

4) Create a common platform to have one voice for African youths

5) Encourage African youths to embrace African cultural heritage which includes allowing members to post on the forum using their native language (Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Pidgin etc.); connect with other youths to collaborate, innovate and execute ideas that will impact Africa as one continent positively.

What is FoskaayAYEP?

It means Foskaay African Youths Empowerment Platform, a section of Foskaay handling sponsorship of viable ideas or business expantion support for African youths.


How To Win N100,000 from FoskaayAYEP Season1?

One of Foskaay forum members will emerge winner of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) to kick start an idea or expand his/her business.

To submit your ideas for members to vote, you need to become a member too and interestingly its 100% free to join, participate and win. No kobo charged on Foskaay forum even to win weekly as an active member.

Thus, if you are interested in getting started, go to :

Hurry up and submit your idea/biz for sponsorship today before submission closes.

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