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Android Pay and Google Wallet is now Google Pay

Google has changed the name of Android Pay to Google Pay. In other words, say goodbyes to both Android Pay and Google Wallet.

The application was renamed as part of an update which added new features, including new Home and Card tabs.
The Card tab allows you to consolidate your credit and debit cards, loyalty programmes, offers, and more, while the Home tab lets you access recent purchases, helpful info, and rewards.
The platform functions in the same way as it did before the rebranding, added Google.
Google Wallet has also been renamed to Google Pay Send, in line with the application’s rebranding.

How Does it Work?
This new mobile payment app by Google does not share your card number when you use it to make a payment. Once you have a debit or credit card stored on it, simply select google Pay at checkout. The app will handle the rest. The app supports NFC for mobile payments, as well as payments for web-based shopping exercises.
In the future, all Google products should support Google Pay, including Chrome and Google Assistant. You should also increasingly see Google Pay accepted on websites, in apps, and “at your favorite places around the world”.

Where Can I Download Google Pay?
Download it here

Source: {infocity blog}

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