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Do You Think MTN 4G LTE Network is The Best?

MTN 4G LTE has been around for quite some time now and most of us are using it on our smartphones in different locations. National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) which measures the quality of customers’ experience in mobile wireless networks in Nigeria claims MTN is the best well deployed LTE network in Abuja.

In the ranking, MTN stood as the best, followed by SMILE, and Glo occupied third and fourth position while 9mobile was ranked fifth. Airtel was nowhere to be found because they are still in the valley of indecision.
Mtn 4G LTE deployement in Abuja
Though, this report  contains  a recent LTE deployment RF quality survey conducted by Enextgen Wireless limited and to quantify the quality of LTE RF deployment along the evaluated routes in abuja. 
“On November 6, 7 and 9, 2017, Enextgen Wireless conducted an extensive drive test in Abuja to determine the Radio Frequency quality of the LTE services available to customers in Abuja. The analysis report shows that all service providers but 9Mobile provide contiguous LTE coverage along the drive route. However, only MTN stood out as having well-deployed LTE network.”
In your location, which 4G LTE deployment are you currently using and is the best for you?

Source: Infocity blog

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