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IOS 11 can automatically delete apps to save space

Free space is a perennial
problem on many iPhones —
especially those saddled
with just 16GB of storage.
To help address the
problem in the upcoming iOS 11, Apple has introduced a few new tools
for managing user data,
including the option to
automatically delete the
apps you never use. On iOS 11 the feature is
called Offload Unused
Apps. You can read a

  • detailed breakdown of how

it works here, but the gist of it is this: when storage is
running low, the Offload
feature removes little-used
apps, but keeps their
documents and data on your
device. The deleted apps appear as greyed-out icons
on the homescreen, and can
be re-installed with a tap.
When activated (on the
iPhone go to Settings >
General > iPhone Storage) the feature works
automatically in the
background, but users can
also choose to offload
individual apps of their

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