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How to activate auto reply for incoming mail in Gmail

Assuming you always travel or find yourself in places where there is no internet connection, in such situations this means you can’t reply to incoming mails until you get  connection

This is where Gmail auto reply come into action… When you enable the Gmail auto relly, your client get an automated message once they send you a mail, this will let them know that you are still in business

Simply follow the instructions below

*sign into your gmail account
*find and click on the settings icon and then select settings
*on the settings page, scroll down to vacation responder
*then on the vacation responder by clicking the radio box before it
*set the date when your vacation will start by entering it in the box for the first day
*check the box for last day and enter the date your vacation will end
*enter the subject of the auto responder and message to the boxes provided
*finally click on save changes and that’s all…
   What’s your take on this?

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